Sep 3, 2012
Dan Ushman

I’ve been waiting to submit this post for a while now. So without further ado, let me jump into it.

Introducing a New Server Line-Up

After several months of exhaustive research, planning and execution, I am very proud to announce to the world that we have launched a major new refresh to our line of Dedicated Servers. The new product line-up is powered exclusively by enterprise class Intel Xeon processors, SuperMicro motherboards and chasis, and complimented by a new selection of Intel Solid State Drives and Quad Processor configurations.

Older Models Still Available in the Data Center Outlet

Looking for one of our previous models? Don’t worry. We will continue to make our old line-up available in the SingleHop Data Center Outlet, but we will not be ordering new supply of that hardware. It will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and when it is sold out, it’s gone for good. We believe firmly that our new Xeon-based lineup is where the future is and we are committed to offering only the best Infrastructure options to our customers.

Screenshot of Server Listing

Enhanced Server Catalog

We didn’t just stop there. To compliment the new selection of Infrastructure, we have also enhanced the server catalog itself. You will now see a much more robust amount of information displayed for each server, information like the number CPU cores, the clock speed, the amount of memory, type of memory, the maximum upgradable levels for processors, RAM, hard drives & much more.

We even display actual real-time inventory, and data center locations where the hardware you are reviewing is available in.

Compare Up To Three Servers At Once

To make your server search as productive as possible, we have also launched an expanded comparison feature. You can now compare any three servers in substantial detail side-by-side. The comparison is unique in the industry, and provides an excellent way to compare options with each other.

Server Comparison Screenshot

Explore The New Server Line-Up


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