Jul 21, 2008
Dan Ushman

This is a big post and I’m very excited to be making it. Over the past year we have been developing a new control panel – a new customer portal. The system is finally ready for release and I wanted to explain why it is cool and some of its major advantages.

LEAP is entirely browser based. It is tested on Windows, Macintosh and Linux using Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari. The system is a graphical, Windows-like interface for managing your servers. But, it’s more than just a pretty interface, it’s a fully functional control panel allowing you to add servers, managing existing servers, and administer those servers remotely using built in SSH and RDP clients. The system features automatic server provisioning technology as well as advanced graphing and management features. In a nutshell, it’s what every dedicated server customer dreams about a dream that has gone unanswered by just about everyone. It’s a dream that we’re answering now with the first public release of LEAP.

To watch a cool video (less than 5 minutes long) and learn everything you can about LEAP, click here: http://www.singlehop.com/poindexters_lab/leap.php



    Just thought I’d mention a couple of small things I’ve noticed about LEAP.

    1. After being logged in for a while, the contents of my tickets seem to disappear. That is, I have to log out and back in to get them display correctly again.

    2. Possibly related – it is difficult to know if your ticket has been updated. It’s possible it is supposed to live update like a chat client, but it doesn’t seem to. I have to click on other tickets and then revisit the active one to refresh the page and pick up new updates from your staff. A refresh button might be a good idea.


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    Dedicated hosting service generally comes in two packages. One is with partially managed and the other with fully manager services. The first one suits those users who have in-house technical resources to manage the servers to ensure maximum on-line availability. In most cases partially managed hosting packages may include installment and customization of OS to suit customer’s requirements. The hosting team also ascertains that basic security features are put in place as per the customer’s need and monitors the server round the clock to assure that the server doesn’t go offline.

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