Apr 30, 2013
Ted Tavrides

Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Systems Integrators (SI) are evaluating which cloud providers to partner with to offer a complete solution to their clients. And they have a lot of choices. We offer two ways our partners can provide SingleHop products and services to their clients. The first is by selling through our Channel Partner […]

Apr 28, 2013
Andrew Brooks

For the most part, I rarely indulge in CTF exercises due to a combination of lacking free-time and the fact that many of the solutions are often annoyingly convoluted. The other day, someone on the reverse engineering subreddit was kind enough to post links to their web challenges and after taking a look, one of […]

Stack Trace
Apr 26, 2013
Sean Foote

Though fairly new when looking at the long span of advertising in general (a few decades as compared to thousands of years), online display advertising follows a lot of the same general concepts of other forms of advertising. Let’s look at the seven best advertising practices and apply them to the online space. KNOW. Your […]

Apr 24, 2013
Andrew Brooks

If you recall from last week, after using using DotNetasploit, we successfully injected into the application, inspected the “Unlock” button, and discovered that clicking this button calls the function TestKey.KeyCheck(). At this point, it’s time to open our program in Gray Dragon for a deeper dive. Enter the Dragon Wolf Opening and running Gray Wolf […]

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Apr 23, 2013
Andy Pace

Get ready folks! We’re about to go behind the scenes with SingleHop’s Operations team, focusing on what we do (and what we do differently) when deploying a SingleHop location. Some may think that turning up a new location for SingleHop is a daunting task. However with the years of automation we’ve put in place it is actually […]

Apr 22, 2013

This blog is a repost from StandingCloud’s Blog, specifically  True Love: SingleHop & Standing Cloud and reflects the views of their company. We thank StandingCloud for their support and kind words. In love with a nerdy frog, and not ashamed to admit it! At Standing Cloud we’re all about our partners, and it’s not hard to figure out why. […]

Apr 19, 2013
Austin Wilson

This is thought to be common knowledge by most, but there are quite a few tech people out there that still do not know what happens when you trace to an IP address. And troubleshooting traceroutes can even be more complicated. We will cover the basics here, and if you are looking to delve into […]

Apr 16, 2013
Andrew Brooks

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to attend OWASP’s AppSec USA conference in the wonderful city if Minneapolis, MN.  While both the training and talks I attended were very good, one talk in particular stood out and that was  “Hacking .NET (C#) Applications: The Black Arts” given by a very bright individual named Jon McCoy.  […]

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Apr 12, 2013
Chris Locke

Welcome to the first edition of finance in the cloud.  This will be the first of many posts in what I hope will be an informative and interesting series. First, I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Chris Locke and I am the CFO of SingleHop.  I have been a Hopper since May 2012. […]