Feb 19, 2013
Garett Murphy

This is a security advisory regarding the Array Networks SSL-VPN service that we provide to some of our customers. If you use this service and happen to use Windows 8 on your computer, please read this advisory and the attached files carefully. Advisory: If you have accessed the SingleHop SSL VPN and installed the SSL […]

Feb 19, 2013
Andy Pace

All of us here at SingleHop are excited about our our new SingleHop Public Cloud, powered by VMware. VMware provides a wealth of features that SingleHop is embracing to power our move into the world of utility-based cloud computing. With our new resource-based computing platform, you’ll be able to adjust your resources like turning the […]

Feb 8, 2013
Sean Foote

The needs of a small or medium sized business with expectations for rapid growth usually incorporate three main factors: security, scalability and simplicity. Think about it. A small business typically lacks the necessary resources to build out real infrastructure. Those limited resources are centered around both the required personnel and cash flow to implement what […]

Feb 6, 2013
Andy Pace

Avoiding single points of failure has been part of our philosophy—and design—since the origins of our company. The philosophy includes avoiding single points of backhoes and diggers as well. Avoiding backhoes is no laughing matter, as the actions of heavy equipment operators, whether in front of your building or miles away, are beyond your control. […]

Feb 4, 2013
Dan Ushman

Everyone here at SingleHop enjoys talking about transparency—which is good because we get asked a lot about our innovative and apparently industry-leading approach to transparency and accountability. Much of the attention began early last year when David Strom, writing in the highly regarded tech pub ReadWrite authored an article about our policies that carried the […]