Aug 28, 2012
Nick Fredrich

As you may already be aware SingleHop works hard to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to our network infrastructure. We invest a lot of money in upgrades in order to supply our clients with as little latency as possible. After all, what good is Infrastructure without reliable transport to connect it to […]

Aug 27, 2012
Lisa Margetis

Here is an overview of a recent design project completed by SingleHop designer Lisa Margetis. Lisa created the look & feel of the SingleHop: “The Platform You Can Depend On” campaign entirely using real photos of the SingleHop Chicago-2 data center and a new, simple typography based servicemark. Below, she details the task and the […]

Aug 24, 2012
Eugene K

When working with servers, there comes a time when you will always have to make the tricky decisions: Do I need to use what’s known to be the “right” wheel or rather go with a more advanced option. The advanced option is compiling from source.  That means more control, but also more time invested. Lots […]

Aug 20, 2012
Dan Ushman

In the Internet infrastructure world, technical dependability has always and will always be king. The importance of reliability is akin to the very existence of a provider in the first place. Nothing can trigger the equivalent of a run-on-the-bank like an extended outage or frequent pattern of downtime. We know that is important, but to […]

Aug 17, 2012
Matthew Doak

As a system Administrator at SingleHop, one common type of scenario that we run into almost every day is when a client will call or send us a ticket saying “Help!  My server is slow and we’re not sure why!” Depending on the server OS, there are a lot of different ways to approach troubleshooting […]

Aug 9, 2012

Welcome to Part II of the Lost in the Cloud blog series.  In today’s entry, we will go over  the Public Cloud or shared cloud, in more detail.  As a quick refresher, let’s look at the general description of the Public Cloud first: Public Cloud Refers to what could also be called a shared cloud. […]

Aug 6, 2012
Matt Kuikman

Whether you’ve noticed it in the news or felt the results first hand, a lot has been changing in Google’s search engine results. They’ve been cracking the whip hard and many of their algorithm updates may influence your site’s rankings if you’re not careful. Therefore, here at SingleHop we’ve put together a short little summary […]

Aug 2, 2012

At SingleHop,  we are always looking to the future of the web hosting industry; which almost certainly brings you face to face with the term “cloud computing”.  Being new to the industry can be quite the challenge, so learning the proper meaning behind such terms and technologies is top priority.  I’m lucky enough to work […]