Dec 21, 2011

With nearly 9,500 attendees at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara this year, it was a near miracle we were able to get Dan Ushman and the Conference Chair, Jeremy Geelan together for a few minutes to discuss all things SingleHop.  The event was a huge success for the entire SingleHop team! Geelan is an industry […]

Dec 19, 2011

Working in an industry where just about everyone you meet could be or is a potential client, can get a bit tricky at times. It’s funny how many holiday party conversations I have found myself apart of over the past few weeks that have included, “So Kevin, what do you do?” (Which I think is […]

Dec 12, 2011
Andy Pace

Specialization. It’s everywhere. Think about it, how did you or the person behind you in line order your coffee this morning? “Grande, soy, dry, cap,” sound familiar? What happen to “I’ll take a large black coffee”?  This type of specialization stretches far beyond your corner coffee shop, I promise! The chances are that your business […]

Dec 6, 2011

If two heads are better than one and three heads are better the two…Well this could go on forever, but I think you get the idea. It is this type of logic that was the driving force behind the creation of our Crowdsourced Marketplace. We have an enormous variety in clients, which translates to an even […]

Dec 5, 2011
Martina Mihaljcic

Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud In being relatively new to the industry, there’s been somewhat of a learning curve. I’ve found that it’s sometimes hard to keep up when the key differentiators between public and private cloud are somewhat unclear, so I’m hoping to give some color on the topic. Hopefully this insight will help […]