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Aug 22, 2014
Sean Foote

Due to my direct experience with inbound marketing (content marketing) and paid media digital channels, such as Display and Retargeting, I have intimate knowledge on how to move someone along the “buyer’s journey.” But as a digital marketer and a professional that leans on digital channels to produce tangible results, I have found it is […]

Thought Leadership
Aug 15, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

Climate change is on nearly everybody’s mind, in one way or another. Becoming more aware of the effects of emissions on the environment, people are looking for “greener” ways to live, from buying local (and sustainable) food and products, traveling via lower-emission transportation methods, and building up recycling and composting programs. There are some obvious […]

Green Hosting
Aug 11, 2014
Stephanie Crets

While passwords may seem obsolete in this climate of security threats, websites will continue to ask for login credentials. There’s no getting around it. You will still need to come up with a password for any new logins, you will sometimes have strict password guidelines to follow, and sometimes you’ll even have to change your […]

Jul 18, 2014
Jordan Jacobs

We’ve just pushed a huge update to our LEAP platform for LEAP 3.6.0. LEAP will work much faster now as we’ve greatly enhanced its speed. We have developed a multi-threaded environment to handle LEAP data asynchronously, allowing for the execution of multiple requests that do not block remaining processes. This will lead our users to […]

Jul 17, 2014
Stephanie Crets

Net Neutrality has been the topic of intense conversation recently, as the FCC solicits and considers public comments about how to regulate Internet traffic. We’ve put together the overview below to help you understand the issues and players that influence the way we use the Internet daily for business, research, entertainment, and social activities. Net […]

Net Neutrality
Jul 13, 2014
Sam Bowling

I wouldn’t consider myself a geek personally, but I do have an unhealthy obsession with video games and it is one of my largest personal hobbies. I have most every single video game console from NES all the way up to the latest generation. I also modify consoles as a hobby and have converted an […]

Video Game Hero
Jul 11, 2014

I can’t top Sam’s gaming gear, but I noticed that the OpenPandora is a glaring omission in his handheld collection. The OpenPandora is an open source (hardware and software) handheld computer running a custom Linux distro for retro gaming. It is arguably the geekiest handheld gaming device ever. I pre-ordered it and waited years before […]

Original Guitar Hero
Jul 10, 2014

No disclaimer, I’m just a geek, but maybe just not your average one. Although I gamed in my earlier years and played all the Ultima RPGs (I through IX), I never got into the MMO part because dial-up Internet was insanely expensive and I was simply too poor to join the bandwagon, so I became a […]

Enterprise Power Geek
Jul 9, 2014

I’m a minimalist geek and it seems to leak into most aspects of my life. I’ve been using IRC/SILC and *nix since the 90s. I’ve played with many different operating systems throughout the years from plan9 to histar, but only two have really ever captured a piece of my heart: Gentoo and OpenBSD. If they […]

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