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Quality Service Starts
With Transparency.

You've heard that knowledge is power. At SingleHop, we arm you with more information about your service than any other provider.

Here's a glance at our transparency initiatives:


No obscure bundled pricing packages, all services and costs are always itemized.


Know exactly what components are in your server, who made them, and when it was put into service.

Data Centers

Know exactly where your servers or cloud instances are located.


Real-time network traffic and uptime data streamed live to OT.singlehop.com

Service Quality

Know how long you'll wait on hold or wait for a response before calling or sending your message

Bill of Rights SLA

Industry's most comprehensive Service Level Agreement offers not just credits for downtime, but transparency when something happens. We'll tell YOU when we screw up, and make it easy for you to get compensated. Learn More »

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  • Amsterdam 1 Data Center Details

    SingleHop’s first European location is in the heart of Amsterdam. This centralized location provides access to a wide range of network providers and fiber to the rest of the European continent.

  • Chicago 1 Data Center Details

    SingleHop’s Chicago 1 data center is our first and one of our most active facilities. With over 2,000 servers installed, it also serves as a central hub for SingleHop’s Chicago operations with 24/7 administrator coverage. Many of SingleHop’s own internal systems reside in this facility.

  • Phoenix 1 Data Center Details

    The Phoenix data center opened in 2012. The facility features a highly innovative and efficient modular pod-based architecture. SingleHop's starting capacity for this facility was 2,000 servers. Due to the unique architecture, the facility can be scaled to support many more servers than its initial capacity over time as needed, making it SingleHop’s most scalable data center.