SingleHop Exclusive Features

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SingleHop Exclusive Features:
Only available on our platform.

Our platform is engineered to be a strong foundation for your business. It comes complete with the infrastructure, service, support, and guarantees you need to focus on what you do best. We offer more than just servers. We offer unlimited possibilities. Here are some of the exclusive features of our platform.

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Included w/
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Customer Bill of Rights SLA

The industry's most transparent Service Level Agreement. Learn More »

The Platform You Can Depend On

Enterprise-grade data centers, powerful pervasive automation, and award-winning service combined, to create the Platform You Can Depend On. Learn More »

Free, Unlimited GlobalSign SSL Certificates

Register for 1-5 Years, including WildCards!
NOTE: GlobalSign SSLs are subject to two restrictions. First, they must be installed on SingleHop Servers with SingleHop IP Addresses. Second, they cannot be resold for use on non-SingleHop infrastructure. For servers and IPs inside of SingleHop data centers, you may issue an unlimited number of certificates and you may resell them to customers or issue them at no cost, as long as they are ultimately used on SingleHop equipment.

Free RescueBoot Environment

Fix your server in a safe environment for free with SingleHop RescueBoot.

Free, Unlimited Incoming Bandwidth

Never pay for inbound bandwidth. It's always free and always unlimited. Learn More »

Free Private Network

Don't send your internal server-to-server communications over the public internet. Save bandwidth and gain security.

Operational Transparency

Always know what is going on, the good and the bad with SingleHop's Operational Transparency status website. Learn More »

Native Hybrid Platform

Full support for dedicated, cloud, and more under one roof. Learn More »

Free, Unlimited API Access

An advanced, award-winning JSON-based RESTful API for your development pleasure.

24x7 US-Based Support

Talk to the tech who is physically working on your server, every time, any time.
Learn More »

No Outsourcing. No Call Centers.

Guaranteed. Never talk to an outsourced call center. Always talk to a full time SingleHop employee.

Multi-Platform Mobile Apps

Control your servers from Android, iOS, and more. Learn More »