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Video Library

Video Library

A sneak peek of our Amsterdam Data Center!

BlogWorld Expo: SingleHop Recap

"275+ Speakers, 3 Days of Cutting-edge Sessions & Workshops, a Tradeshow Exploding with New Media Resources," need we say more?…

Built for Hosters

SingleHop's white label reseller services provide critical infrastructure, ability to control and group plans and accounts, the ability to repackage…

Cloud Expo: On-Demand Technology Drives SingleHop

Since its inception, singlehop has had on-demand technology at the forefront of every product. We allow are clients to Design,…

Cloud Expo: SingleHop's Crowdsourced Marketplace

SingleHop's Crowdsourced Marketplace is an area where we encourage and make it possible for systems architects to design solutions through…

cPanel Bootcamp: SingleHop Recap

Just a quick recap of our time spent in Austin, TX for cpanel's Automation Bootcamp! These guys know how to…

Customer Video: Belly Inc.

Belly's Infrastructure Architect, Kevin Reedy, describes his experience with SingleHop.

Customer Video: BrainHost

BrainHost's CTO, Dustin Wright, describes his experience with SingleHop.

Customer Video: Flex Rental Solutions

Flex Rental Solutions' CTO, Jeff Payne, describes his experience with SingleHop.

Customer Video: Kingsway America Inc.

Kingsway America's Director of IT Infrastructure, Noel Catrambone, describes his experience with SingleHop.

Customer Video: Metro DC 1

Metro Data Center's Director of Infrastructure and Technologies, Jim Hayes, describes his experience with SingleHop.

Customer Video: Metro DC 2

Metro Data Center's Director of Infrastructure and Technologies, Jim Hayes, describes working with SingleHop's technology and infrastructure experts.

Customer Video: Stratosphere Networks

Stratosphere Network Managing Partners Steve Melchiorre and Kevin Rubin describe their experience with SingleHop.

Demo: Tandem Video Final

Tandem is the industry's most powerful white labeled platform for reselling dedicated servers and cloud computing. Tandem offers a fully…

LEAP3: Introduction

Welcome to LEAP3 - we're glad you logged in to check out the new client portal. We hope you enjoy…

LEAP3: Introduction Video

This is our industry leading client portal that allows users to design, deploy, and manage their infrastructure. (LEAP v3.1.4)

LEAP3: Notification Area

This feature is extremely useful for every user, no matter the work load. It's accessible on every page within LEAP3…

LEAP3: The Components Manager

The Components Manager features a variety of information. It allows a user to view general material as well as actionable…

LEAP3: VM Snapshots

The snapshot feature allows a user to quickly and accurately capture a solution's configurations. This allows users to copy specific…

Presentation Part 1: Cloud Market Opportunity

Our Strategic Channel Manager, Mark Gierke, begins this five part presentation on singlehop. Part 1 covers the cloud market and…

Presentation Part 2: About SingleHop

An introduction and summary of who we are at singlehop, presented by Mark Gierke our Strategic Channel Manager. In this…

Presentation Part 3: Security and Use Cases

Security is a very popular issue when it comes to web hosting be it traditional or cloud. In Part 3…

Presentation Part 4: Automation & LEAP Demo

In Part 4 of this 5 part presentation, Mark Gierke, SingleHop Strategic Channel Manager, continues his presentation, discussing out automation…

Presentation Part 5: Partner Services

In the fifth and final video of this five part series. Mark Gierke breaks down our Partner Services and how…

Release Party: LEAP3

The Awesomely Intergalactic LEAP3 Release Party Shindig Bash of Epic Proportions, etc.