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SingleHop Stirs it Up with New Data Center Outlet Offering at singlehop.com/outlet

10/3/2012 – Chicago, IL – SingleHop, a global leader in cloud hosting, launched a new and improved Data Center Outlet at singlehop.com/outlet - the Data Center Outlet has several unique features, including exact real time inventory from SingleHop’s data centers. The inventory figures are updated hourly on the page and there is also a countdown clock to let the user know how much time they have to take advantage of the deals.

It’s an opportunity for customers to get on the SingleHop platform for a discount, and enjoy the premium features -- the API, the 100% uptime, the personal touch, the dedicated account teams, and the industry-leading LEAP control panel, which makes it drop dead easy to configure and manage a data center.

The Data Center Outlet is designed for a split-second shopping experience, and some deals are tested and available only for a short period of time. SingleHop operates a premium hosting platform and the Data Center Outlet can be an entry point for budget conscious businesses looking for award winning infrastructure from an industry leader.

Quick Facts
* Servers featured in the Data Center Outlet are overstocked or last generation equipment.
* Discounts range based on the specific models but can border as much as 40% off the retail rate.
* SingleHop can answer questions by phone and chat, but these special offers are only valid if the order is placed online.

“Our new Data Center Outlet is a great resource for clients who are looking for a bargain but still demand nothing but the best,” said Kyle Kinder, Sales Manager for SingleHop. ”Outlet servers are either overstocked, last-year's models or low demand custom configurations. They come with all of the great benefits of the SingleHop Platform including full API, 24x7 service, remote management tools and our industry leading Customer Bill of Rights and 100% Uptime."

About SingleHop
SingleHop is a cloud hosting company that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-users and resellers. With clients in 114 countries, two Chicago-area data centers, and over 10,000 servers online, SingleHop delivers state of the art with industry-leading deployment time and custom support. SingleHop was established in 2006 and makes its home in Chicago, IL. In 2011, the company was named #25 on the Inc. 500 list for the fastest growing companies in America.

Contact Information
Todd Kelsey - Social Communications Manager
SingleHop | 312.564.2459 | tkelsey@singlehop.com

SingleHop at a Glance
  • Founded in 2006
  • 14,000+ physical servers under management
  • 3,200+ customers in 124+ countries
  • 500+ resellers and channel partners
  • Inc. 500/5000 list 4 years running
  • 4 data centers in North America and Europe
  • Proprietary automation platform with 1 million+ lines of code
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