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SingleHop Announces Addition to PARAMOUNT Line: Fully Managed Dual-Core ATOM. Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Servers, now Fully Managed.

Chicago, IL: May 8, 2009: Chicago-based managed web-hosting provider SingleHop today announced the expansion of the PARAMOUNT series of fully managed servers, with the addition of the new Dual-Core ATOM 330 server to the fully managed server line.

SingleHop will begin offering the environmentally friendly server under the fully managed PARAMOUNT series. SingleHop pioneered the use of ATOM-based processors in dedicated servers, as it holds the distinction of being first to market and auto-provision the newer, more efficient Intel CPU's. Marking this accomplishment, in February of 2009, Computerworld Magazine featured SingleHop for their innovative use of the ATOM processor in servers.

PARAMOUNT, according to Dan Ushman, SingleHop VP of Sales, "means that clients can now enjoy access to the greenest, fully managed dedicated server in the market. PARAMOUNT Series servers offer a hands-off solution by fully managing almost every aspect of the server for the end-user." Dan added: "All that clients have to do is buckle up and upload the site as our team of expert administrators makes sure everything works smoothly."

SingleHop had been testing the market for fully managed, low cost ATOM-based servers over the past several months. Chris Larkin, Account Executive for SingleHop, mentioned that "we [SingleHop] were not sure what the demand would be, so we offered it through one of our resellers as a test, it turned out well, so now we are offering our fully managed ATOM solution on the open market. The Atom Paramount offering provides a fantastic combination of value and expertise at a low cost; and is priced for what most of our competitors would only provide an entry-level unmanaged server."

With a power consumption of only 8 Watts, the Intel ATOM processor is one of the most efficient processors in the world, and amazingly this efficiency is accomplished without sacrificing performance. The ATOM-based servers use 75% less power than an equivalent Pentium 4 based server.

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop, Inc., is a full-service managed dedicated hosting provider that was founded on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective, dedicated services. The company was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman in 2006 and currently hosts thousands of websites from around the world. SingleHop competitors include: SoftLayer, ThePlanet, FastServers, and RackSpace. The cornerstone of SingleHops' managed hosting is the à la Carte Server Management Program, which is a full-array of transparent management services designed and tested to allow business customers to tailor their level of support to their needs or expertise. www.singlehop.com


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