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Company Overview

Who We Are

SingleHop is a leading global provider in private cloud solutions for small to medium to enterprise business customers. We bring together a unique combination of enterprise-class technologies from industry-leading vendors and our award winning proprietary automation engine to deliver a customized cloud infrastructure experience.

  • Over 4,000 Customers across 150 Countries
    Fastest Growing Company

    We have over 5,500 customers comprising enterprises of all sizes spanning 150 countries.

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  • 100% VMware Certified
    100% VMware Certified

    All of our data center technicians and engineers are VMware certified in a number of fields.

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  • Proprietary Platform
    Award-Winning Platform

    LEAP allows you to design, deploy, and manage your infrastructure from one unified portal.

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  • “SingleHop has, by far, exceeded our expectations. They have the best turnaround time on dedicated servers I’ve ever seen. And that’s in addition to their great pricing and phenomenal support.”
    Kevin Reedy
    Infrastructure Architect

More About SingleHop

SingleHop is a leading global provider of hosted IT infrastructure and cloud computing. We are pioneering the global cloud IaaS movement by enabling SMBs and service providers in the design, deployment, and management of a wide range of IT solutions.

  • Leadership

    Our management team is composed of leading professionals in a variety of fields.

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  • Global Data Centers
    Global Data Centers

    We operate a number of strategically located, highly automated data center facilities.

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  • Careers

    We’re always looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join our team in Chicago.

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